Willows (2-Year-Olds)

Connecticut Friends School’s 2-year old class is a gentle first school experience for children.

Willows engage in art, outdoor activities, nature exploration, music and movement (among other experiences) while simultaneously learning how to navigate socially, verbalize feelings, share/take turns and be a part of a community.

With careful observation, teachers expand on program and project ideas or introduce new ones based on each child’s unique interests and gifts.

2021-2022 Tuition

The Willows drop off classes for 2 year olds meets 5 mornings per week from 9am to 12pm with an option for enrolling for only 2 or 3 mornings.

Five Mornings 9:00 am - Noon:  $12,800


Four Mornings 9:00 am—Noon: $10,294
Three Mornings 9:00 am—Noon: $7,956
Two Mornings 9:00 am—Noon: - $5,516

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are offered at various times through-out the year and include activities such as Yoga, Music, Potluck Dinners, Community Events and more. Please keep an eye on our upcoming events for activities and programs as they are scheduled.


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