Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication

At Connecticut Friends School, parent-teacher communication plays a key role. In communicating with parents, a relationship is built between teachers and parents, which benefits the children's development in several ways. Through parent-teacher communication, a home-school connection is created for the children as often times, it allows families to converse about their children's day at school. Parent-teacher communication is inititated at CFS in several ways: 


-Monthly Newsletters

-Parent-Teacher Conferences 


-Brightwheel- our parent communication app


What is Brightwheel?

Brightwheel is a tool that allows parents and teachers to communicate that has several features beneficial to parents and the school:

-Messaging/Attendance: Parents and teachers can message back and forth through the app. You can let us know when you're going to be late, mark your child absent, ask your teachers a question, etc.

-Daily Reports: This is mostly used for our Willows program as it provides comfort to the families of our youngest students. You can see photos, meal reports, diaper changes, and pottying!

-Reminders: Teachers utilize Brightwheel to let you know when your child is running low on clothes, diapers, wipes, or anything else they might need! 

-Tuition Payment: Brightwheel allows us to send your invoice directly to your phone! You can pay via Brightwheel or pay with check! 

-Lesson Plans: Teachers utilize Brightwheel to write their daily plans. 

-Closures/Delays: While we do send closures/delays to WFSB, we also send a message through Brightwheel, which sends a text message to you to notify you of any closures/delays

Although CFS utilizes this app, the technology aspect is not present in the classroom and is not used as a learning tool. Our beautiful campus provides us with so many learning tools and opportunities. This is simply used as a mean of communication and comfort for parents!


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